Meet Gardens & Villas


Digging through my disaster of an InBox and I noticed two emails I had flagged for follow-up from Gardens & Villas a unique, distinctive duo from Los Angeles moving in a new direction on their recently released third album, Music For Dogs.

The band initially caught my attention when I read one of the most intriguing descriptions of an album I’ve ever seen in their press release:
“A great deal of Music For Dogs is really just Gardens & Villa doing what it has always done best. G&V creates Byzantine melodies and richly interwoven arrangements for synths, guitars and vocals that work incredibly well on a cerebral level, but wouldn’t upset a late night Korean karaoke outing either.”

The songs are different than anything else on the airwaves today. At times it feels futuristic and just seconds later it’s reminiscent of 80’s Alternative.  If I had to find any contemporary band to compare them to, I’d lean towards James Mercer and The Shins but they are in their own retro-futura classification.

For sure, they’re not for everybody and I suspect views will be fairly strongly aligned on opposite ends of the spectrum. To give you a taste of their unique blend of music, check out their two latest videos.

“Everybody” – This is their new release.  The vocals are lush and unique and the music is an interesting, if not cacaphonic, blend of glitz pop.

“Fixations” – This one, which hit the streets this summer has a cool, wistful, keyboard-driven psychedelic feel:

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