Matt and Kim Killing it at FIT Homecoming Fest

Matt & Kim Get It

The normally quaint Main Street area in idyllic Downtown Melbourne was transformed into a lively, pulsing mass of joyful party-goers this weekend, when Matt and Kim commandeered the stage as the headliners for the annual FIT Homecoming Fest.

Matt and Kim at FIT Homecoming Fest in Melbourne
Matt and Kim at FIT Homecoming Fest in Melbourne. photo:

The engaging duet from Brooklyn masterfully arrange their show based on their audience, and on this steamy night in Melbourne, they had the overflow crowd bouncing, dancing  and singing for their full sixty minute set.  They are masters of their craft and expert at engaging their fans to become a vital, energy source for the performance.

They might not be the two most talented musicians touring the planet these days, but there is no doubt that there are precious few performers as energetic and engaging as this couple.  It was a true party atmosphere, as they both flew around the stage throughout their 20 song set as the crowd blew up hundreds of balloons, bounced beach balls and danced in the streets.  Matt standing and jumping on his keyboard and Kim standing on her stool, her drum kit and speakers, as well as crowd surfing atop the outstretched arms of the eager fans.

The sixty minute set featured their biggest hits, “Hoodie On,” “Get It,” “Hey Now” and their rousing main set closer,  “Daylight” which had the crowd at a fever pitch before they closed their encore with a raucous version of “It’s Alright.”   They also worked in a few tasty tidbits from other artists, including  Beyonce (where Kim twerked across the stage), R. Kelly, DMX, Salt ‘n Pepa and an encore singalong of Biz Markie’s “Just A Friend.”

Matt and Kim at FIT Homecoming Fest in Melbourne. photo
Matt and Kim at FIT Homecoming Fest in Melbourne. photo:

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Kudos to the FIT Homecoming Fest for also tabbing excellent Florida-based support acts.  Orlando’s A Brilliant Lie delivered an hour of hard-driving rock in a set that featured lead singer Tara Lightfoot darting across the stage and throwing her body into a dynamic performance.  Unfortunately, the sound mix was a bit off, but that did not stop the quintet from delivering an energetic set.

Miami’s Deaf Poets sounded fantastic with their distinctive blues-infused guitar rock.  The duo create a tremendous amount of luscious noise from their guitar and drums two-piece set-up.  On a night that featured three dynamic drummers (including Chris Lane from A Brilliant Lie), Nicolas Espinosa truly shined as the effervescent backbone of this up and coming band.

Three very different rock sounds, on a steamy Friday night in Downtown Melbourne, and all for free.  Kudos to the Florida Tech community for delivering a memorable, entertaining night for all.

“…God damn, god damn
We don’t want to go home
We all sing along…”

Rock On!

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