Lemonade – Sweet Nectar For Your Ears

The Dead Deads Release Captivating New Rock

A few weeks ago, RARAs Farm’s own Philip Snyder stumbled across The Dead Deads, a compelling band opening for Leaving Haven at House Of Blues, and after reading his review,I was immediately drawn to learn more about this non-traditional Nashville act.

dead deads

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“If you can imagine the result of Rob Zombie having love children with the Go-Go’s, who are then mentored by The Ramones, you might come up with The Dead Deads,” Snyder offered. As a big fan of the aforementioned threesome, I couldn’t wait to dig into their music catalog to see what I could discover.

I hooked up with bassist/vocalist Daisy Dead and she shared their brand new video for “Lemonade,” a freakshow that would make Marilyn Manson feel a bit uncomfortable. The quintet from Nashville with the creative monikers have a dedicated following who they lovingly refer to as The Dead Corps, and they let this passionate group of fanatics pick the first video. The fans chose “Lemonade” and Director Seth Graves created this raucous, macabre tribute to 60’s B-Movie Sci-Fi. Lead Singer Meta Dead says, “The Dead Corps overwhelmingly requested a video for this tune, and we are so happy with how it turned out! It’s silly, scary, and absolutely us.

The song itself is an absolute blast to listen to, as well. It’s a thunderous journey, featuring sharp guitar hooks, pulsating rhythms, playful keyboards and raging drums punctuated by bombastic gang vocals. Meta Dead’s lead vocals are gritty and distinctive, at times reminding me of Joan Jett and Kurt Cobain.

Check it out yourself and see what you think:

I’ll be looking for more new music to share from these talented young ladies, and making sure I snag the review tickets before Philip does the next time they pass through Central Florida.

Rock On!

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