Leaving Haven Heading to EDBD


Luke Melsenti of Leaving Haven
Luke Melsenti of Leaving Haven

Luke Melsenti Discusses Earthday Birthday 22

Orlando rockers Leaving Haven are poised to explode onto the active rock scene and were recently selected to play at WJRR’s Earthday Birthday, and we took the opportunity to chat with the band’s guitarist Luke Melsenti about the appearance at Orlando’s premiere rock festival.

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Cretin: Tell me about your performance last week at Elixir any thoughts about the fan support there that sent you on to the slot at Earthday Birthday?
Luke Melsenti: We had a fantastic time playing Elixir! Playing an intimate acoustic show right downtown was a great way to entice our fan base to come out on a weekday night. The turnout was excellent and we received a lot of compliments from our fans about how much they enjoyed our set.

Cretin: You played an acoustic set that night. Will we be seeing future acoustic sets? Any acoustic offerings at Earthday Birthday?
Luke Melsenti: Absolutely. We’ve done several acoustic sets in the past and it’s something we always enjoy doing. We have been asked by EDBD to support the acoustic stage that day. We performed on the acoustic stage last year as well.

Cretin: What stage and time will fans be able to catch you?
Luke Melsenti: Leaving Haven will be performing on the acoustic stage again this year, however we have not been informed what time we’re going to rock the shit out of it yet!

Cretin: What’s your favorite crowd or venue you’ve played previously?
Luke Melsenti: I would say our “home field” where we feel most excited has to be House of Blues here in Orlando. It’s always the best time when we play there. Another favorite spot of ours is Venue 578 in Downtown Orlando. It has a great stage and lights and even better atmosphere. Those bigger shows always have an excellent crowd.

Cretin: How has the band’s sound and show changed from your last EDBD appearance?
Luke Melsenti: We made our first appearance at EDBD in 2013 where we opened the second stage, That year we performed as a full band. Last year and this year are both acoustic so naturally the sound and set are going to be different. This year I’m sure we’ll find something to do to change it up.

Cretin: Should we expect any surprises in your setlist at EDBD?
Luke Melsenti: Surprises? I don’t know, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise now would it?

Cretin: Any recommendations for other fans for bands they should not miss?
Luke Melsenti: If fans want to start their day off right they will be there right at the start to see our boys in SoulSwitch. They’re opening the main stage and are going to tear it apart! They’ll probably have to delay the next band due to repairs needed… just sayin’!

Cretin: Are there any bands you are most looking forward to seeing at EDBD who you have not seen before?
Luke Melsenti: I can’t speak for everyone but I’m most excited to see Slash, Rise Against and Nothing More.

Cretin: Some excellent choices, and two of our favorite touring bands on that list. See our earlier review for Rise Against and Nothing More

Check out the full Earthday Birthday Line-up HERE, and snag your tickets for EBDB 22 HERE.

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