Jet Black Alley Cat – Memphis Blues

Single Review – Jet Black Alley Cat

Slinky, cool Jet Black Alley Cat have just released their follow-up single to “Poison,” and it’s a song that is worthy of being on the radar of pop rock fans.

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The Nashville-based quintet splashed onto the scene less than a year ago, and now with “Memphis Blues,” they’ve already delivered their second captivating video, which definitely complements the song well. The tagline on their video is appropriate – “This song and this film is a feeling . Fall in love with it.”  The new single is a poppy alt-rock tune with a catchy dance vibe to it that’s just a blast to listen to. Joe Wilkinson’s voice reminds me a bit of Sir SLy’s Landon Jacobs, but the music is more mainstream – in a deliciously good way.

With each listen, I appreciate the song a bit more. The guitars are clever and catchy, and evolve nicely over the course of the four minute journey, including a nicely spotlighted solo or two, one of the benefits of a band with multiple guitar players. If you’re a fan of popular rock, I suggest you take it for a spin.

This new band has already seen nice success, garnering airplay on both MTVu and Nashville’s independent station, Lightning 100, and from what I’ve heard here, that’s just the beginning.

Snag the single on iTunes here, and check out the video below and see if you fall in love with it, too.

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