Hit Song From Babaganouj

Excellent New Rock From Brisbane

I’ve got a whole slew of intriguing new rock in my InBox, and figured I needed to start sharing some of this ear candy with all of you. For our first taste, let’s go back to the well with another talented young Australian band, Babaganouj, and check out their new single, appropriately and let us know if you think it’s appropriately titled – “Hit Song.”

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I know precious little about this quartet – two guys and two girls, but when I checked out their long list of influences, I noticed two who I can see reflected in this invigorating track: Replacements and Husker Du – and if you’re going to have any eighties influences, those are two damn good ones to emulate.

The track begins with a flourish and immediately kicks into a frenetic garage rocker. It’s got a vibrant, energetic feel to it and is just a blast to listen to (preferably cranked up with the windows down). It’s an infectious song with catchy hooks and memorable lyrics, that will comfortably bounce around your head for weeks.

Check it out below, and let me know your thoughts.

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