Gang Of Youths Deliver Smashing Debut


The Positions Album Review

I really don’t know a damn thing about this band, but can tell you that their new album, Possessions is going to be on my playlist for quite some time.

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Gang Of Youths is an Australian quartet who have just delivered The Positions, a tasteful, creative debut album that just might find its way onto a few year-end “Best Of” lists. A band that kicks off their first album with a meandering 7:25 journey is clearly confident in their product, and for Gang Of Youths, that’s for good reason.

I checked out the bio provided by their publicist. It simply and succinctly states “I was in a four year relationship with a girl who had a terminal illness and then I made a concept album about it with my friends.”

The first track, “Vital Signs” is a well-produced and aurally stunning masterpiece. As the song twists and turns, the listener is treated to many precisely placed nuances that add distinctive flavor to the tasty offering. And, there’s plenty more to come including excellent distinctive offerings such as “Poisoned Drum” and “Magnolia” two absolutely different sounding cuts, but both linked together as creative, intelligent and stylistic rock music.

It wouldn’t be fair to pigeonhole their music into any niche, but if anything, it’s artful garage rock. Oddly for an Aussie band, they remind me of a few of my favorite New Jersey based rockers, and The Gaslight Anthem and River City Extension – good company!

Frontman Dave Leaupepe spews out tender, bruised lyrics with a gritty voice eerily reminiscent of The Replacements’ Paul Westerberg. The musical accompaniment features everything that’s great about Indie Rock. The band wraps the lyrics in a beautifully crafted bed of infectious guitar hooks and swirling keyboards. Harkening back to the theme of bio, the angst associated with his four year relationship drips through songs like “Knuckled White Dry” and “The Overpass,” two of a handful of rich compelling tracks.

Check out the ten song, hour long album and see if you agree that we’ve stumbled across one of the early 2015 albums of the year.

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