EBDB 23 Announcement and a Killer Ticket Deal

The line-up for Earthday Birthday has been announced, and it looks like Central Florida is in for another great day of rock ‘n roll at The Central Florida Fairgrounds – and if you act right away, you can see this great line-up for half price!

EDBD 23 Earthday Birthday Logo

So, without further delay – here are the first wave of announced bands: 311, Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle, Trivium, Halestorm, Escape The Fate and RARA’s Farm favorites Red Sun Rising.  That’s a nice diverse line-up, and there’s more to come.

For those new to EDBD’s, the event is a full day of rock ‘n roll and a hell of a lot of other fun and debauchery.  Other attractions include The Fiasco Midway, The Globe Of Death, a  BMX Demo,  Body Painting everywhere, Pro-Wrestling, a Vendor Village and  Mel’s Bad Girls Art Walk.

This is a can’t miss event for local rock fans and 101.1 WJRR always delivers a killer event.

If you are definitely going or even considering it, grab your tickets now.  Early Bird tix through this Sunday, December 20th are half price: $37.50.  After that, they’ll still be a reasonable $75, but do yourself a favor and scoop them up now.

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For all of the Earthday Birthday details and tickets, check out WJRR’s website.

Rock On!

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