Distinctive New Rock from Soko


SOKO – Who Wears The Pants Single Review

Simply put, she’s one of the most fresh, diverse, unpredictable artists gracing today’s musical landscape, and she’s about to release her most rock-infused music of her blossoming career.

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French born Soko has proven herself a successful (award winning) actress, an accomplished producer, the intriguing subject of a hugely popular viral kissing video, and quite the diverse self-taught musician – and she’s just getting started!

Today, she announced the forthcoming release of My Dreams Dictate My Reality, her second full-length album, which will be released on March 3rd. The album which promises to be brimming “with angst, shouts, and beautiful chaos,” was produced by Ross Robinson who has previously worked with her favorite band The Cure. The album will be released on Soko’s record label Babycat Records and will feature a hypnotic duet, “Lovetrap,” with Ariel Pink.

Today, we get our first taste of what we’re in store for on My Dreams Dictate My Realities and the first tasty sip is intoxicating. “Who Wears The Pants” is an edgy upbeat rocker, boasting poignant lyrics about sexuality. Her vocals are reminiscent of raw, gritty garage rock, while the masterfully produced music is a mixed tempo joyride. It’s captivating stuff that leaves me thirsting for the full album release.

For folks interested in pre-ordering the album, she is offering the most creative pre-order packages that I’ve ever seen. Yeah, the normal perks like vinyl, or autographed copies are available, but you’ll also have the chance to tack on a shopping trip, a home-cooked meal, a pajama party and a whole lot more. Check it out here: Pre-Order Bundles

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