Dirty Dishes: Guilty album review

New Music from Dirty Dishes

Los Angeles based Dirty Dishes could easily have opened for Hole or PJ Harvey, their music being very grunge-like, but that doesn’t mean it easily fits into any one genre.

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Jenny Tuite (vocals/ guitar) seems to have a limitless supply of influences, and isn’t afraid to explore various avenues in her pursuit of creativity. Alex Molini (synth/bass/vocals) forms the rest of the band, wearing many hats, and fleshing out their unique sound, his instrument work perfectly complementing the broad range of music they make together.

The new record, Guilty, released by Exploding In Sound Records is available on Itunes, or buy the digital album on the free Bandcamp app.

“Thank You Come Again” welcomes you to the album like an old friend you haven’t seen since the late nineties, with squelching, distorted guitar riffs haphazardly held together with a rolling beat disrupted by brief bursts of frenzied percussion. “Red Roulette” keeps the grunge vibe going; but “Guilty”, the title track, takes off in a different direction, the tone being much more modern, and having influences that range from pop-punk to new wave alt rock.

“Androgynous Love Song” is far and away my favorite track of the entire album. I can see it being in a movie soundtrack, or being belted out at a smoky karaoke bar by a beautiful stranger. “Dan Cortez” sounds very surreal, almost as if Tuite were covering a long lost piece by The Doors, or Jefferson Airplane. The surreality continues as it’s followed by the ethereal, slow motion sounds of “Dinner Bell”. This song would be perfect for a lazy afternoon imbibing your favorite mind altering substance and philosophizing about the meaning of life. “Lackluster” feels like it belongs on the soundtrack to that groggy feeling of not quite being awake after a nap on a day that’s far too warm to be comfortable. It features plenty of effects and has a kind of post-industrial punk vibe.

We have all had that one who got away, and some of us have had a hard time letting go. “One More Time” tells the sad story of love lost, told by the lover who was cast aside and now lives with a delusional fantasy, believing that one day fate will find a way to reunite them. The music box-like sound plunking away in the background almost creates a horror movie feel. “Sugar Plum Fairies” continues the theme of sadness and loss, ending the album on a wistful, melancholy note. It might not leave you mourning lost life, but you may mourn that it’s the end of the album.

Regardless if your taste in music leans more towards metal, or you favor a more classic sound, Guilty has a little something for every rocker. The songs might have you feeling loss, love, nostalgia, or even guilt, but most everyone, if given the chance, will feel something when giving this record a listen. If you enjoy what you hear, go like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, or reblog them on Tumblr.

If you want to see a live show, the only tour date I see on their Bandcamp website is March 14, 2015 at The Hive, in Flagstaff, Arizona. If you aren’t going to be in the Flagstaff area then, maybe use that same social media to try and convince them to do a gig near your town. If you want to hear more Dirty Dishes until then, check out their other albums: One More Time, and the self-titled Dirty Dishes.

Philip Snyder

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