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Cranford Hollow is a talented rock outfit from Hilton Head Island with a wealth of distinctive influences that gives their music a special original sound, and on their new album St. Telluride, we get to see the talented band successfully pushing into new areas.

st telluride

When I saw them live, and interviewed lead guitarist John Cranford, “low country rock” seemed a perfect description, but on this, the band’s fourth album, the band has moved into a new genre these days. I can’t tell you specifically what that niche is, but can assure you that their approach to Southern rock is welcome and pretty damn compelling.

The album kicks off with a slow burner that sets the stage for the excellent rock music to follow. “She Gone” is a late-night, porch rocking, bourbon sipping journey that absolutely drips with passion. The song features excellent male/female vocal trade-offs and is dominated by perfectly arranged fiddle and guitar pieces. The fiddle (more of an Irish reel) plays the perfect foil for the voices and is such a welcome addition. It’s a fantastic song and a great way to kick off the album.

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As an indicator of what’s to come, the song takes its time and patiently builds into a classic. It’s one of a handful of tracks stretching out over five minutes long. At a stout 8 minutes and 14 seconds, “Mighty Sun” is the longest offering on the album, and it’s an absolute masterpiece, worth every second of tape used to create it.

The song boasts the best guitar work on the album. It’s laced with soaring solos and seemingly effortless riffs. The fiddle is interspersed wonderfully and the drums cohesively hold it altogether. I also felt the vocals were the most emotive on the album. It’s a song that will be spending copious amounts of time ringing through my headphones.


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The album was recorded at Retrophonic Studios in Cresent Beach near St. Augustine. It’s Jim Devito’s retro-studio, and the music produced there is just drenched with a rich deep sound, reminiscent of many classic rock gems.
There’s quite a bit of diversity on the album, as well. “Devil” boasted thunderous drums and soaring guitars and was an aggressive bluesy rocker, while “Anything Less” is a gritty, slow burn buoyed by passionate vocals and tender fiddle. “Breakdown” was laced with tasteful bagpipes while “Without A Word” is a straight-forward poignant rocker with stylistic guitar riffs.

There were a few selections on the album that I thought were a bit overdone and not as enjoyable, but I give the band credit for pushing their boundaries and trying different things.

Head over to Cranford Hollow’s website and grab a copy of this excellent album now: Cranford Hollow Music.

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