Clear As Black And White

Gary Lazer Eyes are a talented quartet and intriguing new band from Melbourne, FL, who need to be on your new music radar.  They just released Black And White, their debut EP – Good news for local rock fans, as it’s a refreshing serving of distinctive rock ‘n roll.

Gary Lazer Eyes 2015 Florida Music Festival
Gary Lazer Eyes at the 2015 Florida Music Festival

The foursome were one of the most compelling new artists who captured my attention at this Spring’s Florida Music Festival, and I was anxiously anticipating their debut effort, and today that wait is over as Black And White hits the streets.

Just as I witnessed live, the music on the EP is a visceral guitar-driven landscape that serves as a luscious backdrop for Austin Young’s throaty howl. The music is distinctive – maybe best classified as bluesy, ska-infused groove rock – that’s a thing, right?

“Goner” starts off with a freight train bass intro and a scorching guitar riff before meandering into a rollicking rocker. It’s my favorite track on the album, although the title track is also an addictive soulful track that gets better with every listen. All four songs have similar traits and well worth a listen. The final two tracks,  highlighted by Sean Gray’s stellar performance on  “No God” are funky blues offerings with filthy guitar licks  and a late night, one-too-many-bourbons vibe that actually brought back memories of another long-departed Melbourne rocker.

The rhythm section with Stephen Gillen on bass and Michael Otero- beating the drums are the constant force behind the talented group as they provide the backbone that threads through the EP.

The album is not the most lushly arranged piece you’ll hear this year, but it’s good stuff, with potential to be even better as the band continues to evolve and grow.

Check it out below, and then dig deep into your pockets and throw the band a few bucks as you snag your own copy of Black And White. (then dig even deeper in you heart, and give our Facebook Page a Like)



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