Breathing Theory at House of Blues

Breathing Theory at House of Blues

Last week, I was lucky enough to receive tickets to a show at House of Blues starring Breathing Theory, Traverser, Kill the Sound, and Meka Nism. The show was at 8pm, so I showed up at Downtown Disney about 7 to avoid the line, my daughter and nephew in tow. After a short wait, the doors opened, and we found our spot near the stage before the house filled up.


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Breathing Theory was up first. I had no idea who they were,having never listened to any of their material. Four young men took to the darkened stage wearing what looked like gas masks, their backs to the audience, as another took his spot behind the drum kit and began punching out a beat. The lights came on and the respirators came off as the band exploded into the song “Uprise”.

It turns out Breathing Theory is a five-piece based out of the Space Coast, who had been invited by their friends, Kill the Sound, who were at HOB for their CD release. Composed of vocalist Cory Britt, guitarists Colin Morrison and Rob Mahoney, bass player David Marfitt, and drummer Kegan King, they introduced themselves, then got right back into rocking, rewarding the audience with songs “Illuminate”, “The Reckoning”, “Fireflies”, “Dear Sparrow”, “Broken Wings”, and “Reanimate”.

House of Blues staff had to break up a mosh pit that was starting to form, as these guys were killing it, then the music went in a different direction as they played a wonderful rendition of Johnny Cash’s hit “Folsom Prison Blues”. Everyone in the crowd loved it and sang along, myself included. The band was very entertaining to watch, for even though they performed the odd routine of turning their backs to start every song, they were never standing still, using up every inch of the stage, jumping, and displaying a very advanced level of showmanship often lacking in less experienced bands. I was very impressed by these guys.

They wrapped up their set with a song that would quickly rise up the charts, if it were given half a chance: “Spider to the Fly”. If you would like to know more about Breathing Theory, check out their website here: , or why not like their Facebook page: , and tell them RARA’s Farm sent you. Their new album Uprise is available at their merch store, along with other great gear: .

If you get the chance to see them on tour somewhere, make sure you do! I know I will! Being represented by the same agency as Message to Venus, perhaps an upcoming Earthday Birthday? Or perhaps a Breathing Theory/ Leaving Haven show? That would be something to see!

Traverser was next on the bill, and while they have been in the Orlando scene for ten years, and are Earthday Birthday veterans, this was my first time seeing the local prog-rock act. Oddly, HOB did not close the curtains between bands, and the staff and band set up everything in full view of the audience. They seemed to struggle with their task, especially getting bassist Rick Garrita hooked up.

Once they had worked through their technical difficulties, Traverser attempted to bring us into their version of reality via sound effects and lyrics inspired by science fiction. Guitarist Jon Schaffer was very animated, his blonde locks flying as he head banged his way through the entire set, his feet kicking into the air from time to time.

They reminded me of a mix between Tool and Pink Floyd, if that makes any sense, and took us on a musical journey into their strange world with songs like “Singularity”, and “Nettlebirds”, before being joined onstage by members of all the other bands to play “EMD”. All the performers had a great time with the song, and it was awesome seeing so many talented musicians pouring all of their gifts into one song.


Despite the problems they had getting started, Traverser managed to put on a great show. To be perfectly honest, I’m not really a fan of progressive rock, nor were my two guests, but if it’s your thing or you just want to enjoy a great live band, be sure to take in the musical marvel that is Traverser. I think they will be treating Orlando to their unique sound for years to come.

For more about Traverser, see their page: . They have a new album titled Jupiter Doesn’t Care About You which will be ready in early 2016 says band leader David Medairos. Stay tuned to RARA’s farm for updates about this, and other rock news.

As previously stated, the whole point of the concert was Kill the Sound’s CD release, and they were up next. They are a heavy alternative rock act based out of Orlando fronted by Kim Acoustic. Everyone in the crowd went nuts for this group. They had a good sound, music wise, but I think the night’s technical problems carried over to their set, because the vocals did not sound good to me.

It is possible Kim may have been suffering a sore throat, or other health problem, or her microphone might have been malfunctioning. But no matter what the issue was, she worked the crowd like a pro, interacting with them, praising the other bands, and the group as a whole was very lively, and in complete control of the house. Ally Sosa, one of the quintet’s guitarists took command of the vocals on another track, and the result was much better. She has an angelic voice that goes just as quick into an impressive growl. Her mic seemed to be working perfectly, I would like to see them again to find out if this is the case. They are on the set list for Kink Music Festival coming up on November 14th at the Central Florida Fairgrounds, which I have every intention of being there, so hopefully I will report this was indeed, a fluke.


The tracks on the band’s Facebook page, , sound good, and of course they just released their self-titled new album available for purchase here: . Give them a listen and tell me what you think by leaving a comment below, or on our fb page: .

After Kill the Sound left the stage, Meka Nism began their show. They look amazing and their props are awesome. They have just finished touring with Otep, but they have mixed metal with operatic singing, and while this may be some people’s dream combination genre, I did not find it to be my cup of tea. Add to this the fact that some drunken concert-goer kept trying to start a mosh pit that had some guy violently bumping into my teen daughter, I decided it was time to head for the house.

If you want to see the insanity that is Meka Nism, visit their page: , maybe heavy opera is your thing.

In all, I had a good night. I love discovering new music, and Breathing Theory is definitely on my playlist now, and who knows, I might yet warm up to Kill the Sound. As always, support your local scene, get out to see the shows, and buy some merch.

Philip Snyder

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