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Sheppard – Bombs Away Album Review

While this talented Australian sextet managed to break through the American music scene with their energetic hit “Geronimo,” they were making a smashing impact on the music scene back home in Australia with the album that just hit the streets on our shores.

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When I reviewed their EP last year, I closed with “Bombs away,” a nod to their fantastic hit “Geronimo;” apparently, the six talented musicians in Sheppard were thinking similarly. The new album, titled Bombs Away, features the aforementioned hit, as well as a diverse selection of tracks that lean a bit more to pop than they do to rock. In either case, it’s good stuff, and is destined to become a summer staple here in the States.

The album closes with “Flying Away,” another track also included on the EP. It’s a well-produced journey that’s an absolute blast to listen to. Boy/Girl vocals, pristine harmonies and a plethora of masterfully interspersed musical parts – it’s good stuff, and a nice glimpse into the music that fills the remainder of the album bookended by these two hits.

Throughout the twelve offerings, we hear pop-infused indie rock that’s absolutely pleasing to the ears. “Let Me Down Easy” and Something Missing” are foot-tapping ditties laced with masterful harmonies and “A Grade Playa” is an interesting mix of distortion and tropical beats, while on the other end of the spectrum there’s “Halfway To Hell.” It’s unlike anything else on the album, but captivating and entertaining in it’s own, gritty, Cajun Rock way.

In general, I find the songs on the album that feature male vocals a bit more to my rock-oriented liking, but assume the female vocals on about half the tracks will appeal to folks more predisposed for pop. In any event, there are plenty of offerings for any fans of pop rock.

Check it out on iTunes above, and let me know your thoughts. This one will be filling the US airwaves this summer, just as did Down Under last summer.

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