Blind Faith for Your Ears

As we wrap up another killer year of diverse rock music, I’ve recently been introduced to the music of Dave Hanson, the talented guitarist from The Dunwells. His new single “Blind Faith” is toe-tapping ditty that’s destined for a prominent spot on my personal play lists. Check out the video and let me know your thoughts.

Dave Hanson
Dave Hanson

The new single is my first exposure to the talented songwriter, but it certainly won’t be my last.  “Blind Faith” is an effortless, delectable journey that just drips with  sumptuous riffs and hooks.  It’s an addictive, upbeat track that’s a joy to listen to… over and over again…

“Blind Faith” is the title track to Hanson’s new EP, his first solo release since leaving The Dunwells.  It’s a Traveling Wilburys-esque foot tapper that leaves me thirsting for more.

Check out the video above, or take a leap and snag the album on iTunes:

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