Aussie Radio and the Big Beat

They’re an Australian trio with a distinct Midwestern USA accent and an uncanny similarity to the Doors – Meet Doctor Goffard.

doctor goddard
Blue Mountains, brothers Mikael Sandström (vocals, guitar) and Nicholas Sandström (drums) met Cleveland, Ohio’s Chris Seaman (bass) at a poker tournament and the trio bonded over their love for bluesy rock ‘n roll.

Their latest release “Without Love” is interestingly distinctive indie rock that musically reminds of The War On Drugs. Mikael’s throaty vocals however, are eerily reminiscent of the Lizard King himself. If Jim Morrison lives, he calls Blue Mountains home.

“The song was born out of a jam and slowly grew into a song as it was road-tested around Sydney venues in late 2014. The lyric “without love you die” struck us a overtly dramatic and poignant at the same time. It’s love letter to music and the Sydney scene.” – Mikael Sandström

It’s a good catchy rock song, and just one more example of the excellent rock music bubbling up from Down Under these days. I highly recommend you check this one out, it’s definitely a track worthy of a listen or twelve…

Rock On!

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