A Brilliant Lie Debut “Pieces”

Orlando rockers, A Brilliant Lie just returned from an extensive tour of the Southeast, and how do they celebrate? By dropping their new video for “Pieces” in our laps.

The single is an aggressive guitar-driven rocker built around Tara Lightfoot’s powerful vocals. And, make sure you watch the video all of the way through for a fun little snippet at the end featuring Nick Scout displaying his musical mastery of something a bit different than a bass. “Pieces” is on their recently released EP, Threads, which you can snag below on iTunes.

We recently interviewed the band and you can read Part 1 here: ABL Tour Life, and make sure you follow us at the link below because Part 2 and more of a focus on their recording process will be published this week. Finally, check out their Facebook Page and give them a Like by clicking here, talented rockers with wicked senses of humor: A Brilliant Lie Facebook.

Rock On!

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