First Look: MOON’s Sidewinder

Australian progressive rockers MOON, have delivered a raucous attention-grabbing instrumental that is definitely worth a trip or two through your ears. Their first single, “Sidewinder” is a guitar-driven rocker with roaring drum parts, that I found comfortably reminiscent of Deep Purple and Muse sans the vocals, of course. The song is catchy as hell and a good first glimpse at their forthcoming album The Orbiter, headed our way in early 2016.

The band’s Facebook, webpage and bio offer precious little info on the Australian trio, so I can’t offer much other than to share that they compare themselves to bands like Mogwai, sleepmakeswaves and Black Sabbath. My guess: They’re a young outfit with a strong penchant for marketing.

Check out the song and see what you think, then check out our homepage for lots of other killer new rock ‘n roll:

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