Within Reason at Welcome To Rockville

Within Reason Talk About Their Future

Within Reason at Welcome To Rockville
Within Reason at Welcome To Rockville

Within Reason Interview

Prepping for Welcome To Rockville, I did some exam week style cramming. I listened to 40+ bands trying to identify the dozen or so that I was most interested in covering. There were a bunch that I listened to often, others that I was fairly familiar with and then a handful I didn’t know at all, but whose music caught my attention.  Within Reason was one of those bands fresh on my radar, but one that made a quick and lasting positive impression.

The talented rockers from Alabama opened the main stage at the festival with a killer set, that had the crowd thoroughly engaged, and left me impressed. I caught up with Chris Dow (vocals), David Koonce (bass) and Chase Davidson (guitar) backstage shortly after they closed their powerful set.

Cretin: You just releases your new single. “Enemy.” And despite the fact that you’ve been playing for years, you’ve decided to release this one all your self. Tell me a little bit about that decision?
Chris: I think we all got into music to get out of corporate America. Why would we want to sign a deal with these massive conglomerates who tell us how to do our work, take all of that money when we could figure it out on our own?

Cretin: You lose a lot of control, and potential profit.
Chris: First off, record labels only exist because of the bands. I’ve never known a band who have said good things about their label.

Cretin: Sounds familiar. I talk to more and more bands going the Indie route. But you guys have really done it your own way. Your own label with total control over everything. Will you have other bands on this label?
David: Maybe somewhere down the road, but right now we don’t want to take anything away from our band.
Chris: If we had the funding and saw a band that we really liked, we could put some money behind them and basically put all of the resources we’ve put together behind them. (smiles) But right now, we’re focused on us.

Cretin: That’s perfect. YOu work your asses, you guys bear the fruits of your labor. So, the After The Crawl EP is great, love the powerful rock sound. They songs are all a little bit different, but the last song is really different. Tell us about it.
Chris: It’s a Justin Timberlake and 50 Cent cover. (“Ayo Technology” – which is linked below)
Chase: Our old sound check song.
David: When we played it love, people were telling us ‘you should record it.” So we did. A lot of people liked it, and we put it on the record.

Cretin: The new single, “Enemy” is about to hit the airwaves. What radio stations and rock genres are you targeting for airplay?
Chase: All of them.
Chris: I think Kid Rock had it all figured out. If you think about it, he’s been on every genre of radio. He’s been on rock, rap, country, hot AC and pop. But, right now, I think our single will start on active rock.

Cretin: What’s up next for you guys? Any touting this summer.
Chris: We’ll be touring, and we’ve talked to a few bands that are here at this festival. We’ll also be playing a huge event later in the summer that hasn’t been announced yet (so stay tuned for that).

This talented quartet out of Birmingham, has quite the bright future. They write distinctive active rock with catchy hooks, put on a strong show, and are driven by a passionate love for their craft: rock music. But, it’s a tough business and even more challenging when you strike out on your own. These likeable, talented musicians have a chance to breakthrough soon. Make sure you check out their music; you’ll be happy you did, and you might be making a difference in their future.

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Within Reason on the Jacksonville Waterfront

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