Within Reason Rocks Titusville

Within Reason at Sandpoint Park, Titusville
Within Reason at Sandpoint Park, Titusville

Within Reason Rocks the Florida Coast

It’s Wednesday afternoon, and I happen to be cruising through Facebook, when I see a surprising announcement: Within Reason is headed to Central Florida for an outdoor show that weekend with Fuel at, of all places, Titusville!

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I caught these talented Alabama rockers early this year at Welcome to Rockville, and they performed a quick, blistering set to open the main stage (see our Festival review here). Since that Spring trip to Jacksonville, they’ve released a few singles, garnered some well-deserved airplay and toured relentlessly. They were a major act on the RockStar Energy Drink UpRoar Festival. Over the past six months, they shared the stage with bands like Godsmack, Seether, Skillet and Pop Evil and created quite the buzz.

Needless to say, I was excited to see that they were playing a new venue practically in our backyard, and playing with current rock stalwarts Fuel. The location was Sandpoint Park, a beautiful park on the Indian River.

The event was presented by Barefoot Promotions and was the first such event at the park.  We’ll have a review of the full event tomorrow, but I’ll briefly share now that they did one hell of a nice job, and I hope they’re back with another event soon.

The quartet took the stage and lead singer, Chris Dow, decked out in a black hoodie grabbed the mic. “We are Within Reason from Birmingham, Alabama, Let’s do it!” They kicked into “Enemy,” the first single off of their current EP, After The Crawl, and the party was on. Next, Dow grabbed a megaphone and they ripped into “Control,” another crowd favorite which featured bass player David Koonce bouncing around the stage and dishing out nice riffs.

Dow and his bandmates just wrapped up a tour of the North and were quite happy to be playing under the stars on this comfortably warm Florida stage. Sipping from his omnipresent RockStar cup, Dow offered, “Here’s a song for you all about fucking up relationships,” and they jumped into another excellent selection from the EP, “Well Have It All” which featured a brief solo from drummer Griffin Zarbough who powered the band all night.

At one point, Dow shared, “Titusville this is…Jordan on guitar.” I chuckled, because this band seems to have the same effect on guitarists that Spinal Tap had on drummers. I think I’ve seen three different guitarists in the three times I’ve seen the band. Fortunately, every one of them was pretty damn talented.

George - the guitarist
George – the guitarist

Jordan (Foster), the guitarist, was a welcome addition. He was steady all night, dished out a few tasty solos and chimed in with strong vocals. He played a more prominent role on the newer songs, so I’m wondering whether he’s playing a more creative role with the band.

Other set highlights included a rollicking reimagined version of the 50 Cent / Justin Timberlake hit “Ayo Technology” and their forthcoming single “Here Comes The Light,” which energized the crowd as a strong cap to a powerful forty-five minute set.

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The band will be doing a little mini tour with another fantastic live band Nothing More in mid-December. If you are in Johnson City, TN, Augusta, GA or Birmingham, these are two can’t miss bands.

A few other notes:

  • “Here Comes The Light” will be released as the next single in January, but you can grab it here on iTunes now: Here Comes the Light – After the Crawl – EP.
  • The quartet must have had some of their sponsor’s energy drink in those cups, because they were tremendously energetic, right on the heels of driving straight through from Birmingham to Titusville.
  • The band had nice kudos for Barefoot Productions and for the Titusville location, and for good reason, but you can read about that in our review tomorrow.
  • I interviewed bassist David Koonce a few months back. Interesting, energetic guy. Learn more about the talented bassist here.
  • The best merch table I’ve seen in a long time. A bunch of the T-Shirts were $10, and they came with a free CD, and the band was willing to sign everything. Good guys…

Rock On!

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3 thoughts on “Within Reason Rocks Titusville”

  1. Absolutely loved these guys! I felt that they were the best talent of the night, far outsang Fuel who’s sound was sub-par. New to hearing Within Reason…I can say that they’ve obtained several new fans from this little show!
    These guys were refreshingly friendly, signed autographs and posed for pictures.
    Not much of a turnout for the event…sadly, I believe, due to the lack of advertising. Those little signs were easy to miss!

  2. Cheree, I agree on all counts. These guys are super friendly, hard working and talented. Also agree on the turnout read our review of the event tomorrow for more thoughts,,,

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