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Stagnant Pools Headed to The Sunshine State

Stagnant Pools Headed to Florida

Two years ago, on the heels of the release of Temporary Room, their debut album, Stagnant Pools hit the road… hit the road hard.  They honed their craft, refined their sound and matured a bit. The result was the captivating Sophomore release, Geist, which will hit the streets soon.

Stagnant Pools is the creative expression of brothers Bryan (guitar/vocals) and Douglass Enas (drums). I’ve heard the Indiana natives compared to Joy Division and the under-appreciated Jesus and Mary Chain, and those comparisons certainly fit. I found myself frequently flashing back to the talented Sondre Lerche, albeit a much darker version. The music on the album is not for everyone, but if you’re fans of original, creative music with a sprinkling of sonic dissonance, this one is a must listen.

Geist was recorded earlier this year in Champaign, IL by Hum front man Matt Talbott. According to their own press release, those trips became life-threatening “when a blizzard blanketed the region with snow, temperatures dipped further below zero than they had in decades, and roadsides became littered with stranded vehicles.”  The fruits of their hazardous labor? A distortion tinged dark ode featuring diverse vocals and hypnotizing guitar riffs.

Check out the first album at the link above, and then make sure you see the band as they travel through the sun-drenched Florida highways for upcoming shows in Tampa and Orlando.

Catch Stagnant Pools on Tour with Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, including these two Florida dates:

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