Seeker’s Texas Death Metal Destroys Jacksonville

SEEKER – Concert Review

HappyJack is back and hoping all our friends had a great holiday season!

I have been busy pushing hours on my radio shows here in Jacksonville. And truthfully – I have been itching at the chance to see some metal bands. Lately it’s been pop music all around town – and only one rock station…

I got the call for SEEKER, a very powerful, rib-crunching, Texas death metal band whose new album, Unloved was released in late October to great worldwide reviews and found the band dubbed “Best new metal band to watch!” Having heard a sample of their offerings last year, I was excited to see they were coming to Jacksonville.

Victory Records just signed these guys and they are already opening for major acts; bands like White Chapel, Stray from the Path, and Impending Doom.

Remember Z Rock? An old Texas radio station that played only the best music in Metal back in the 80’s and 90’s? I miss those guys, those bands, those days from my youth. A time that was fresh and exciting. Texas has always been a hotbed for good guitarists and musicians. As a big fan of Texas death metal, I was excited to see SEEKER, a band that would deserve Z Rock airtime.

All the members were looking like they were focused on bringing a good show to Jacksonville, and they were very interactive with each other – a well-oiled machine. These guys really seem to gel so well for being together only a few years, and with new members.

Lead Singer Bryce Lucien was great on vocals, with screams louder than Rob Halford of Judas Priest. Bass player Chris Keasler was always jamming, pounding out solid rib-rattling chords throughout. Guitarist Justin Edgerton was strong, too, and offered up finger playing with that distinctive Texas style that had people rocking. The backbone of the band was Dustin Weaver, a maniac percussionist with a mission to conquer everyone in the room.

At this show, held at the old “Imperial Lounge,” now known around Jacksonville as “The Atticus Bar,” the band was an instant hit when the lights went out and they hit the stage. They carried themselves like a major act featuring bombastic sounds that fans hunger for, with catchy riffs, high energy, and screams that metal-heads love to hear.

The metalheads were in complete force, with 6 foot 6 guys wearing combat boots, just waiting for anyone to even act like they had a problem with them being there. Tattoos everywhere and crazy pircings, I saw half dollar wooden coins that the dudes had cut into their earlobes. An interesting crowd; all there to see their favorite new Death Metal Band, SEEKER!

SEEKER - Photo by Leon Jonjock
SEEKER – Photo by Leon Jonjock

They instantly had an active pit that circled the floors all night. Fans swinging their arms as wild and as fierce as they could; anyone in a 12 foot circle would get smashed. The pit was full of hot blooded dudes who were hell bent on pounding someone… anyone. The legs were kicking in the air, in the dark, in the light, all night long; definitely a very high energy crowd.

I had to dodge a few kicks that came my way, and just to be safe, cradled my expensive cameras close to my chest. As each song ended, everyone outside the pit was relieved – for a split second – then the next song started and grabbed you by the throat and demanded your complete attention.

We do not get enough good quality Metal music anymore – most bands sound redundant, and this was a welcome change. SEEKER, new metal Texas Hotshots have the goods and really put on a great show. I left the club very satisfied, with a few cool photos, and a killer new CD to jam to. When I get to practice these songs on my drums, it’s going to be so much fun.

I can’t wait till they come back through in a year or two – one really great show. I got my metal mojo a workin. Now, you need to grab the new CD; and bang your head all day.

Thanks to the band, management, Victory Records and for making this possible.

I’ll be back with another cool concert review and exclusive photo shots soon – right here on RARASFARM.COM – the coolest music site on the planet. Until then, hang in there and stay warm, and grab the headphones!


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