Rivergazer Offers Random Nostalgia

Rivergazer – New Music From Kevin Farrant

As the album title suggests, Random Nostalgia is a broad selection of diverse memories and flashbacks. It’s fertile ground for lyric writing and the result is an entertaining, if at times sobering debut from Brooklyn’s Rivergazer.

The band revolves around the familiar voice and songwriting of Kevin Farrant of Porches fame. In Rivergazer, we see Farrant’s sound evolve as more of a true band project, and the results are captivating.  At times, the album feels like the perfect summer, toes in the sand accompaniment; while at other times offering more somber tracks better suited for contemplation after throwing down your sixth margarita on the back porch.

Random Nostalgia hits the streets on August 12th on Father/Daughter Records, but the first single, “Safari Jack” is out now.  It’s a fantastic song that simultaneously puts you in a chipper, bright mood, while subtly hammering the listener with melancholy lyrics.

The sound that dominates the album is a comfortably produced low tech approach of Indie Rock, at times evoking familiar memories of past favorites like Ocean Blue and Sondre Lerche, particularly on the fantastic “Whimper.” At other times, we hear something totally different; there’s no better example than the introspective tender “Pour Me,” a nice spotlight on Farrants’ vocals.  The album is an eclectic mix of feel good summer tunes and morose somber tracks; truthfully an odd approach for an album, but there’s no denying that Rivergazer offers strong contributions in either vein.

The album is out on August 12th. In the mean time, check out “Safari Jack” now and let us know what you think?

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