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Something Radical on the Indie Rock Scene

I’ll admit that twenty-four hours ago, I had no idea who the hell Radical Something was. I liked their name, thought they had a cool logo, was intrigued by their bio, and honestly just as interested in seeing their tour mates Matisyahu.

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After witnessing their blistering forty-five minute set, I was an instant fan. This California trio (turned quintet for this tour) just dripped with energy, charisma and talent, and were an absolute blast on stage. Their music was fresh, creative and fun, and it didn’t take long for them to win the crowd over. If you see them touring through your area, they’re a can’t miss live act that needs to be on your radar.

If I had to categorize their music, I’d call it Indie Surf ska with a touch of hip hop. I spoke to lead vocalist Josh Hallbauer (Josh Cocktail) before the show and asked him to describe the band’s sound, “The music is like laid back California reggae. We’re into connecting with the crowd. Our show is based off of how we feed off of the crowd, it’s energetic for sure.” And, from the minute they hit the stage, it was clear to see he was true to his word. (My full interview with Cocktail will be published here in a few weeks)

From the first notes of “Escape,” they were constantly interactive with the crowd. All three primary members share vocal duties; Cocktail had the highest voice, and boasted a broad range, while Alex Lagemann (Loggy), and Michael Costanzo (Big Red) were a hit more rap influenced. The voices were all quite different, but they complemented each other and blended together nicely throughout the show.

The one constant throughout the ten song set was that the band members were constantly upbeat. (See full setlist below) They bounced across the stage, weaving between each other as they raced around deftly trading off vocals. It was a bit of cohesive chaos that was just a blast to watch. Loggy on guitar and Big Red on bass spent most of the show playing their respective instruments, and they were backed by talented touring musicians on guitar and drums.

Alex Loggy Lageman of Radical Something at HOB-Orlando
Alex Loggy Lageman of Radical Something at HOB-Orlando

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An early highlight of the show was “Cheap Drink,” the first song of the night that prominently featured all three vocalists. It was a raucous party anthem that also featured drum and guitar solos. By that point in the set, the entire crowd was smiling, dancing, and answering to the band’s every desire. They followed with a killer version of their new offering “Cali Get Down.” The crowd loved it, happily singing along “What Up Mother Fucker?” in a song that I felt was the most entertaining of the evening. <Grab Cali Get Down on iTunes>

They slowed the tempo down a bit for a few songs featuring excellent vocals from Cocktail, and then it was back to the party for a frenetic finish.

Perhaps hearkening back to Cocktail’s undergrad time at Florida Atlantic, or the brief period when they recorded a few tracks in Southern Florida, these California guys easily bonded with their new friends from the East Coast. A few quotes from the stage that captured the vibe:

  • “We’re fucking exhausted but you people are our energy.”
  • “We appreciate your love and energy”
  • “You guys make it real”

The beauty of those quotes? It showed a true symbiotic relationship between band and fans, and it was genuine.  These guys absolutely appreciated and were humbled by the rollicking crowd, and the feeling was reciprocated.

Oh, and Matisyahu? They were okay, but I left early as they didn’t hold a candle to their more creative, energetic opening act.

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Say Yes
Cheap Drink
Cali Get Down
Step Right Up
Sun Down
Be Easy


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