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Album Review – Choking On Halos

First, let me just say that I absolutely hate my iPhone. Sadly, challenges with my over-priced piece of crap with its incessant software updates made it damn near impossible for me to preview the album during recent travels across the East Coast. Bummer, because this creative album would have been a wonderful accompaniment. Depriving me of the opportunity to enjoy this fine album is the last straw – Android here I come.

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Kingwell is an Aussie chanteuse just dripping with potential. Her self-released new album, Choking on Halos is a breath of fresh air on the music landscape and boasts a handful of songs worthy of significant radio play on an album that offers non-stop diverse creative rock tracks.

The vocals are consistently strong, powerful and attention-grabbing. Kingwell has a broad range and seemingly spotlights her voice in a different way on every song; gritty and edgy on one track, saccharine sweet on the next, but throughout, the vocals are consistently tender and vulnerable – quite captivating.

“Saviour,” which boasts a dirty surf rock guitar amidst a bed of the mainstreamiest (yup, I’m sure that’s a word) of pop rock is one of my favorite tracks.  Her song, “Sunshine,” which was penned as love song to a rescued cat, is an absolute blast to listen to, particularly at max volume.

My two favorite tracks again are quite diverse, “My Flag On the Moon,” is an offbeat rocker with a slinky feel, and fantastic lyrics, while “Slingshot” is an active popular rock track destined for big things on the radio (if we could only find a radio station somewhere nearby that played good new music).

The album produced by David J Holman, (No Doubt, Bush) was created as Kingwell shuttled between Australia and Los Angeles.  Clearly, an endeavor worthy of the effort and all of the late nights and flights, as it is eminently listenable.  Not a perfect album, but a damn good offering in a day where solid albums from start to finish are increasingly difficult to discover.

Check it out and grab it on iTunes below.

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