Interview: Jared Watson of Dirty Heads

Dirty Heads’ Jared Watson Interview

In a whirlwind weekend of Florida festival appearances, we managed to snag a few minutes of Jared  (Dirty J) Watson’s time as they traveled across the Sunshine State, on their way to the Main Stage at the inaugural Big Orlando Festival.

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Cretin: You guys seem to tour constantly. Every month the band is somewhere out on the road, Does it ever get old?
Jared Watson: 
Yes and no. You definitely get burned out being away from home and your friends and family and wife or girlfriend. But nothing compares to live music. There’s something magical in the energy of a live show that I just love so much. I really enjoy this job because once you get burned out on touring you can go home for a couple months and write music or design merch or do something totally different with your off time. I’d rather work two months straight and have a month off after then work five days a week and have two days off on the weekend. Also it’s the best way to connect to your fans. I think we pride ourselves in being a touring live band. Rather than a studio act.

Cretin: As much as you tour, you also pour out new music at a great pace, with basically a new album every summer for the past few years. Should we expect another offering next summer?
Jared Watson: No we will probably be touring off of this album for the next year, until 2016. I think this album has legs and longevity. There’s so many good songs and now we are going overseas. We will see how we feel in a year or two. We’ve never done an all reggae album we have been talking about going to Jamaica and maybe cutting a small EP in between the next full length. We like to switch it up and keep it fresh and entertaining for not only our fans but us as musicians.

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Dirty Heads Concert Photos from last year’s Big Ticket


Cretin: I interviewed Josh from Radical Something last month (they cite Dirty Heads as major influences). He described their sound as “California music” – does that resonate for Dirty Heads, as well? (see our interview with Josh Cocktail here)
Jared Watson: I think it did more so on the first album but now I’ve realized the Dirty Heads is so much more. I think we have come up with a sound that’s totally original and the more I travel the more I realize our message and style of music resonates all over the world.

Cretin: Festivals like those in Florida this weekend are great for the fans. Is there any time for you to enjoy the music? If so, any bands that you are particularly interested in seeing?
Jared Watson: I mean the line up is pretty fucking stacked they are all great bands. And of course that’s one of the perks of festivals! I’m really excited for ALT -j also our friends in young the giant and new politics. They have insane live shows, And great songs.

He’s absolutely correct, this line-up is pretty damn good. Lots of killer live acts, led by this six-piece out of Huntington Beach.

If you are going to be at the Fairgrounds on Sunday, do not miss this band live, the Dirty Heads always put on a great show! Check out these three bands Sunday at The Big Orlando:

  • Dirty Heads at 5:35 on The Monster Main Stage
  • Young The Giant at 7:00 on The Monster Main Stage
  • New Politics at 7:50 at the Jagermeister Stage

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