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Gorgeous George Interview

Six Pack Interview with Gorgeous George

Gorgeous George Band Photo
Gorgeous George Band Photo

We recently had a chance to sit down for a quick Six Pack interview with Chris, the talented front man from raucous UK rockers, Gorgeous George.  This band is talented, diverse and fun as hell. As they are currently on the other side of the pond, we did this one virtually, but still a fun interview.

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RARAsFarm: The new video “Girls Night Out” is a blast. Watching it, the first band I thought of was Madness, then I see Chrissy Boy banging on the piano. How did you guys hook up with him?

Chris: He knows our manager, they got talking and he wanted to get involved. He’s been a massive help in the studio. It’s great having Chris’s ideas and he’s a good bloke to be around. We have a really good team of people so the vibe is always good.

RARAsFarm: Was the music of Madness an inspiration? Any other artists?

Chris: Madness along with Dury, The Beatles, Cream, Floyd, Marley, Beefheart, Biggie, The Kinks, Specials, etc, the usual list of legends.

RARAsFarm: I love hearing trombone in a rock song. Why is it so hard to find a band with a trombone player these days?

Chris: We’ve been asking the same thing for years. We started without trombone because we just didn’t know any; over time we’ve met a few and had a few players, and now we have the very talented Tom and lovely Deanna on trumpet full time, so the future will feature some exciting brass.

RARAsFarm: How would you describe a Gorgeous George live show in 10 words or less?

Chris: At the circus, rushing off your tits.

RARAsFarm: What’s your favorite place to play?

Chris: Favorite place I have played is Scala, not only because its a hometown show, but it is a great venue to play.

RARAsFarm: What can we expect on the forthcoming full length album?

Chris: We’ve been stockpiling the tunes, so there is a lot for us to choose from. We will have to play through them all about 100 times and then we might have an idea of how to narrow it down. The live shows are all 100 mph but the album will give us a chance to write a slower, maybe more meaningful song or two. Generally we will keep it high energy, that is who we are – 100 mph.

Grab the single below:

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