Get Busy Living EP Review

Get Busy Living – All Good Memories Fade EP Review

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The Manhattan, Kansas based band, Get Busy Living has been busy living since their debut EP, Won’t Back Down. Fans of their first EP will be pleased to hear that the band has released their second EP, and if you were a fan of the first, you won’t be disappointed by the second.

I have mixed feelings about the band’s most recent EP, All Good Memories Fade, but at the end of the day I love the new EP for all the same reasons that I loved the original EP. Get Busy Living just plain kick ass and I truly believe that if the band had started making music five years earlier, a lot more people would have heard of them. They remind me of a time when pop punk ruled the world; a time when bands like Four Years Strong and Mayday Parade were thought of as gods and everyone’s pants were a little bit tighter. However, it’s Get Busy Living’s commitment to their genre that I enjoy so much. This is a band that refuses to sellout and their latest EP is cold hard proof of that.

All Good Memories Fade is the stuff that mosh-pits are made out of. It’s hard not to jump around when you hear the heavy guitar riffs throughout the album. Just like the band’s first EP, All Good Memories Fade is not afraid to bring it hard with every instrument. The drums kick, the guitars wail, and the bass matters; it’s the band’s willingness to play each instrument as hard as they can that really embodies the soulful pop punk feel throughout the EP; Not to mention the dual vocals that reminds the listener of the band’s heavy influence from Four Years Strong.

The lyrics on the album are light and simple in the best of ways. The band knows how they feel and they’re not afraid to put it out there. It’s the feelings behind the lyrics that remind the listener that it’s pop music, and it’s the simplicity behind them that remind the listener that it’s punk music. The fourth song on the EP, “The Last Five Years” carries perfect examples of this “This girl is not to be trusted, so boys watch out. Just keep your guard up, she’ll rip your heart out”. If that line alone isn’t enough to remind you of Forever the Sickest Kids, the rest of the song will be.

However, it’s the bands reminiscence of their predecessors that I both love and hate. Get Busy Living’s first EP reminded me of everything I love about pop punk. I couldn’t listen to it without thinking about the gods of pop punk. I absolutely loved that about the first album and I love it about the second. Yet, somewhere deep down I was hoping for some maturity or progression, and I don’t know that I hear any of that in the latest EP. It’s really difficult for me to listen to Get Busy Living without thinking of these other pop punk gods. But even as I type these words I realize that my complaint is a hollow one. Sure, the band chose to cover Lil Wayne’s Lollipop on their latest EP, and yes, I’ve heard a very similar cover years prior by Framing Hanley; but who the Hell cares? Get Busy Living is committed to a genre at its purest form and no one can fault them for that.

All in all, I think the success of the latest EP comes down to the individual listening to it. If you like old school, loud, pure pop punk music, than you’re going to love All Good Memories Fade; and if you don’t like that particular kind of music you flat out will not like the EP. At the end of the day Get Busy Living knows what kind of music they’re trying to make and follow through with their vision, quite successfully. Get Busy Living is a band that I don’t think will ever sell out and for that pop punk salutes them; pickup All Good Memories Fade,  today.

Joey Farese

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