Buffalo Sunn – Releases New Music

New Music with a Classic Rock Vibe

Scotland’s Buffalo Sunn has released a captivating new single with a decidedly old school feel. It’s definitely a song worth a listen or twelve…

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“Ocean” is a delicious new alternative rocker with distinct 60’s classic rock influences. The six-piece outfit from Dublin, Ireland boasts a unique feel that’s both old and comfortable, and fresh and new at the same time.

The song is the first single off of their new album By The Ocean, By The Sea, nicely produced by Grammy Award winner Pat McCarthy (U2, Counting Crows, R.E.M.).  The track features luscious harmonies, catchy guitar riffs and just a bit of well-balanced distortion. It’s garage rock meets theatre rock – a hopeful song with intoxicating guitars and drums and it’s just a blast to listen to.  

The music seems like it will translate nicely in a live setting, but for now, if you’re not in Europe you are out of luck. Hopefully the song will find its way to US radio and the band will make their way over to the States.

Grab the song here on iTunes: Ocean (Radio Edit) – Single

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