Bike Thief Offer Up Artful Rock

Bike Thief Album Review

We’re a bit late to the party, as this talented young quintet released EPs in 2011 and 2012 that never hit our radar at the farm. They received plenty of appreciation, but thus far, no huge breakthrough hits. That just may be about to change.

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Art rock? Folk rock? Progressive rock? Theatrical rock? Not really sure what label fits Bike Thief most comfortably, but it quickly becomes clear that they offer a distinctive blend of music and vocals that deserves to be on your radar.

At times their music reminds me of two excellent Alt-rock artists in Arcade Fire and The Decemberists; it’s creative, robust rock with a distinctive theatrical flair. For any old-timers reading along, I also felt a Renaissance or very early Genesis kind of vibe as many of the songs are adeptly dotted with precisely placed intricate riffs, runs and accents.

Refreshingly, in contrast to the majority of offerings flooding the current mainstream landscape,Β Stuck In A DreamΒ is a true album, not just a collection of unrelated singles. There’s a nice easy ebb and flow to the album that connects all of the tracks and makes it more enjoyable to listen to.

I’ve always enjoyed rock music delivered with a healthy dose of violin and this offering is no exception. The album opens with a short, dark violin-powered instrumental; thereafter, strings are nicely weaved between creative guitars and keyboards throughout the album.

The vocals are different. Different in a good way. Again, I got a more theatrical feel from Febian Perez’s vocals, and he boasts a nice range. It wouldn’t work for every band’s music but seems the perfect fit for Bike Thief.

My two favorite tracks bookend the album. The opening track, “Ghosts Of Providence” is an upbeat rocker powered by aggressive drums and soaring keys. On the other end of the spectrum (and album), “Stuck In A Dream” is a maddening ten minute journey that is an absolute musical feast punctuated by chilling piano and scorching guitars.

Between the two aforementioned songs, we are treated to a captivating musical journey that is definitely worthy of a trip. Grab Stuck In A Dream from iTunes below and find out for yourself.

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Tour Dates
22 Wed – Charlotte, NC – Muse
23 Thu – Atlanta, GA – Smiths
24 Fri – Birmingham, AL – The Nick
26 Sun – New Orleans, LA – Circle Bar
27 Mon – Houston, TX – Jet Lounge
29 Wed – Austin, TX – Holy Mountain
30 Thu – Ft. Worth, TX – Magnolia Motor Lounge
31 Fri – Albuquerque, NM – 1520 Calle del Ranchero NE, 87106; A Halloween house party!

01 Sat – El Paso, TX – Lowbrow
02 Sun – Tuscon, AZ – Flycatcher
03 Mon – Phoenix, AZ – Last Exit Live
04 Tue – Las Vegas, NV – Bunkhouse
05 Wed – Los Angeles, CA – Dirty Laundry
06 Thu – San Francisco, CA – Neck of the Woods
07 Fri – Eugene, OR – Wow Hall

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