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3PM – Slow Me Down Album Review

Reading this Baltimore trio’s bio, I was intrigued by their comparisons to Blink 182, Green Day and Yellowcard, three bands that I have always enjoyed. However, listening to Slow Me Down, the band I kept reminiscing about was Good Charlotte.

It’s puzzling why 3PM doesn’t make the same connection, as aside from the musical content, there are many similarities, including the fact that both are Eastern Maryland bands playing pop punk from the perspectives of young adults. Good Charlotte got a lot of crap in some circles for selling out; to me, that’s bullshit, they were what they were, talented young punks with a propensity to write songs that were catchy as hell. The fact that they sold a ton of records to pre-puscents was just icing on the Sweet 16 birthday cake.

This album, Slow Me Down, has the same kind of potential. The album offers good, likeable pop with a punk edge. The music might be a bit more guitar centric, but that’s just fine by me. The lyrics are a bit cheerier, and not as poignant as their brethren from The Old Line State, but still catchy.

Scott Montgomery’s guitar work is the highlight of Slow Me Down beginning immediately with the very first notes off of the first track “Something New.” Montgomery’s excellent guitar work also dominates “Lazer Tag” and carries “All Caught Up.” Brandon Millman’s drumming is solid and pulls the music together well. Unfortunately, Brendan Starks bass disappears in the mix, and is one big difference from the music of Good Charlotte, where Paul Thomas offered up killer bass in a prominent role.  Starks’ vocals are solid and likeable, but might almost be too likeable, if you know what I mean?

The best tracks: “All Caught Up,” which could easily be a huge anthemic hit with young rockers, “Moving Day” a catchy rocker, “At Least I Tried” and the aforementioned “Something New.”

The album, produced earlier this year by Paul Leavitt (All Time Low), is the band’s second, and clearly shows their potential. As a young trio, I expect they’ll continue to grow, and if I had my choice, wouldn’t mind seeing them mimic some of the efforts of their Maryland pop punk predecessors.

Check it out below:

Rock On!

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  1. Hey Brandon – thanks for writing. Two killer choices for covers for sure. Best of luck to you and the band, and let us know if you are ever touring in Florida!

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