Tim Chaisson The Other Side

Tim Chaisson hits The Other Side

Tim Chaisson
Tim Chaisson

Tim Chaisson: The Other Side

He is known as “Canada’s best kept secret” and I think the music lovers of the United States are in for a treat when they get to hear Tim Chaisson’s passionate lyrics and majestic voice. Chaisson, a Canadian musician and talented vocalist releases his debut album The Other Side on February 19th 2013. It’s his first release in the United States.

The gifted young artist provides all of the vocals for his music, writes the lyrics as well as plays the guitar, fiddle, and mandolin. He’s only 26 but has already been playing the Prince Edward Music scene for a dozen years, gaining a slew of notoriety along the way.

Listening to The Other Side, I would compare the music and vocal talent to successful newcomer Ed Sheeran, and the renowned Tracy Chapman. While listening to this intimate album I was reminded of both these musical genius’s. That’s a good start if I may say so myself.

The album offers a wide range of music from vibrant, poppy hits to tender serenades.  “Beat this Heart” is an upbeat and fun start to the album and a guaranteed hit in waiting. It’s my favorite song on the album featuring a catchy groove and  lyrics that are extremely relate-able. The song is a terrific choice to start off the album with the addictive and fresh sound. It features Serena Ryder and superb vocal harmonies. “The Healing” is probably the most raw and acoustic song on the album, just Chaisson and his guitar drive this stripped-down heartfelt song that spotlights the breadth of his vocals and musical talent.

A few other standout tracks on The Other Side are the title track, “Come Clean,” “Bail You Out” and “Blast Your Way Out.” My favorite aspect of “Come Clean” are the lyrics. Everyone can relate to a song such as this and the way he shares the lyrics and delivers his message  is very creative. “The Other Side” is also a good representation of his vocal talent, this time  in a more upbeat, “foot tapping” way; it’s hard not to get into this song.  It is clear why Canadians have embraced him so much and I only expect for music fans in the United States to take on an even greater appreciation for his talent.

I’ve had the pleasure of previewing this album for the past few weeks. It is absolutely brilliant and a wonderfully romantic and beautifully written album. I appreciate an artist who writes and sings all parts of his album and that’s become too rare in this day and age.  I enjoyed this entire album and wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who wants to sit back and enjoy a relaxing entertaining musical experience.  Pick up the album and give Tim Chaisson a listen.

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4 thoughts on “Tim Chaisson hits The Other Side”

  1. Great review. You should also give a listen to Tim Chaisson and Morning Fold – Broken Hearted Beat. That’s the one that opened my eyes and ears to his music.

  2. We’ve been lucky enough in Australia to have this album available for a little while and I have had it on high rotation on my playlist. Fave songs are Beat This Heart and Blast Your Way Out. I’ve also been able to catch Tim live twice, which has been a fun night and worth checking out for sure.

  3. Im glad you all liked the review! Maggie i will have to check it out thanks for the suggestion! and Aus.Moo i can’t wait for him to start touring in the US – a show i will definitely check out!

  4. Kerri – sounds like a great new album. Funny how it seems there is more good new rock music coming out of Canada than the US these days. I just reviewed the Mother Mother album The Sticks and it was excellent, as well, Looking forward to checking out The Other Side…

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