Bad Veins Live at The Social Orlando

Bad Veins Orlando Show Review

Bad Veins Concert Review

For the past year, I’ve had Bad Veins near the top of my must see list. This talented indie rock duo out of Ohio ripped through Orlando a few times in the past year steadily gaining new followers, including a killer set opening for Two Door Cinema Club at The Beacham earlier this year. RARA’s FARM reader, Debbie, couldn’t heap enough praise on their live show. Now, I understand why.

The unique sound of Bad Veins is highlighted by lush alt-rock melodies,a  heavy use of keyboards and punctuated with clever guitar riffs. On stage, we saw a bit more of a guitar-driven show which is equally entertaining. Singer Ben Davis bounced across the stage throughout the show and was joined by new drummer Jake Bonta, a non-stop bundle of energy.

Davis, the affable front man, is the creative force behind the band, in fact, the band name is an anagram for Ben Davis. He writes all of the music, provides the vocals and plays most of the instruments, and he’s a hell of a performer on stage. He’s an energetic and passionate artist who developed a quick rapport with his fans. Davis worked with the crowd all night and seemed to genuinely enjoy the interactions.

Ben Davis of Bad Veins
Ben Davis of Bad Veins at Social Orlando

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On this “New Jake Tour,” the Social’s stage set-up was cool, as you can see in our photos. A bit of sensory overload with red roses everywhere, clever lighting and an interesting stage set-up. Drum kit to the left, mic stand and keyboards to the right and a reel to reel tape player in the center of the stage. The tape provided the background music (typically bass and keyboards) while Davis and Bonta tore up the stage. It was a unique approach and quite fun, but I am intrigued to think what their sound would be like with a full four piece on the stage.

Their set was about an hour long and packed with eleven energetic cuts that had the crowd thoroughly pleased and longing for more. The Social was less than half full, but those in attendance were passionate about Bad Veins and sang along throughout. They opened the show with “Don’t Run,” a guitar driven rocker that nicely spotlighted Bonta’s aggressive drums. It’s the first song of their 2012 release The Mess We’ve Made which was prominently featured throughout the set.  Speaking with Davis before the show, he noted that they’d probably be back in the studio working on their next effort after this tour closes.

The highlight song of the night for me was the rocking “Dancing on TV.” which had the crowd bouncing and singing along throughout. Other crowd favorites included “Nursery Rhyme” and “Gold and Warm,” and the fantastic “If Then” which had the entire crowd providing harmonies throughout.

Davis has been touring as Bad Veins for a scant four years, and I would not be at all surprised to see their popularity grow as they continue to evolve and add more material to their current catalog.  Good stuff…

Rock On!

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Don’t Run
Gold and Warm
Falling Tide
Nursery Rhyme
Dancing On TV
If Then
The Lie

Encore:  Doubt

3 thoughts on “Bad Veins Orlando Show Review”

  1. Bad Veins- Enough energy to blow the lights out (board)

    Attended the Bad Veins concert at The Social last night (5-23-13) after hearing from some of the band’s followers that I should review this show. Walking into The Social, I was introduced to Ben Davis (front man). Learning about his career and how he started was pretty interesting and did say tonight’s show would be fun.

    Now about the show

    First off, let just say I wished I had as much energy as Ben and Jake (drummer) had on stage. It would have been really exciting to see what these 2 entertainers would do in a bigger concert venue. Bad Veins started around 10 and from the opening number, the energy was flowing. The crowd at The Social, took off on this energy trip along with Ben and Jake. Lots of people singing, dancing and just truly enjoying the music. Ben (guitar, vocal, piano) had an English pop (indie pop) to his vocal which gave it a little Neon Trees feeling to the show. The only problem that I had was that once I got comfortable and started enjoying myself, Ben said that this was his last song.

    So in closing, if you are into indie pop, energetic and entertaining show…..then by all mean, go see Bad Veins. Just be ready to be home early.


  2. I’m so glad that you finally had the chance to check them out! You picked a great tour since this is their first with not only the excellent “New” Jake, but the addition of the beautiful new banner, flowers, and lights. The Social stage had never looked prettier. Unfortunately both Florida dates missed out on seeing the new light show in action, but I’m sure we’ll be in for a treat next time around.

    I’d like to add that the sound at The Social was at its best. I’ve been to many a show there where the audio was less than stellar. Thankfully the venue was in top form Thursday night and Bad Veins sounded fantastic.

    I’m in complete agreement with the remarks about the short-ish set. Even though they played some of their best tunes, I would’ve loved to have had a few more. The Tampa show, which I attended the night before, included an acoustic version of my very favorite Bad Vein’s song, “Found”, as well as a brand new(!) song. That Tampa show easily ranks #1 out of my nine Bad Veins shows.

    That’s not to say that Orlando didn’t have it’s share of amazing moments. My favorite of the night was definitely “Afraid”, with every single person around me, myself included, singing/shouting every word right along with Ben. Magical!

    Ben said they may possibly be back in November. November can’t get here soon enough. 🙂

    1. Debbie – really appreciate your tip on the band – a ton of talent for sure!

      Agree on The Social, good mix that night and always a great room to get up close and personal with the artists.

      As for the November date, I did hear they’d be touring again in the fall with Two Door Cinema Club…

      Thanks again!

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