Radio Review – Underground Garage

Tractor Tunes are our 30 minute radio station reviews. So, grab a PBR, slide on your headphones, hop on the tractor, and decide if this one is for you…

Sirius XM’s Underground Garage, Channel 21

Another journey into one of Sirius XM’s commercial-free music channels.  This station is just a little bit different than anything I’ve heard anywhere else; different in a good way. They describe their music as “The Coolest Rock and Roll Records Ever Made.” HOnestly – it is pretty damn cool stuff.

They dig deep into their music library and constantly unearth cool garage bands we never hear anywhere else, and toss in some deep cuts from more popular bands, as you see below with the Kinks. They also feature newer tunes, such as the ones from Social D and Joey Ramone in the sample below.

Just look at the diversity of artists to see how interesting this station is.

All of the DJ’s truly add to the experience. On this Saturday morning it was Bill Kelly behind the microphone, and he shared interesting and often little-known factoids about each song and artist – definitely high value-add information!

  • New York City – Joey Ramone 
  • Dedicated Follower of Fashion – Kinks 
  • Alligator – Foxboro Hot Tubs 
  • Social Distortion – Machine Gun Blues 
  • Sparklers – Ain’t No Friend of Mine
  • Pop – Down on the Boulevard
  • Otis Redding – That’s How Strong my Love is
  • Grip Weeds – Ready and Waiting
  • Smithereens – Rings on her Fingers

Date: 7/9/11
Music: 95%

Chatter: 5%
Commercials  0%

Bonus Tip: Breakfast with the Beatles on Sundays at 9AM.






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