HOB – Orlando Review

The House of Blues – Orlando

This venue located in Downtown Disney became my home away from home in 2009. That summer, I had the chance to see four alternative rock concerts. The wide variety of bands that performed at this venue led to a wide variety of experiences.

The sound quality in this venue is excellent! The voices of the artists are easy to hear and the bass is at perfect volume to where you feel it throughout your body. During changes in acts the venue plays current hits to keep the audience entertained.

There are a few different options for viewing the shows at the two story House of Blues. The upper floor tends to be more VIP seating with nice cushioned booths in a balcony jutting out towards the stage. There is also general admission standing room upstairs and bar seating – for those who are trying to escape the crowds and wish to listen as opposed to watch the show. Downstairs is usually very crowded and depending on the artists performing can become very aggressive. I strongly advise wearing close-toed shoes! The area in front of the stage known as the “pit” is the most crowded of the entire venue, this is an all standing section and is the best way to get close to the stage. Mosh pitting, fighting, and pushing generally take place in the pit so beware!

One of the my favorite aspects of the venue is how many opportunities you have to bond with the bands… many bands chose to stand outside the venue after shows and sign autographs, many also stand at their souvenir tables before they perform. I had a chance to see Boys Like Girls and Parachute at the HOB-Orlando and both lead singers performed their last song in the middle of the pit and stayed around to mix with their fans afterwards.

Fun Facts:

  • Two large bars around the perimeter of the venue. Friendly staff and cups of water are readily available for… free!
  • Tickets can be purchased online, at the box office (no service charge), or day of show if the show isn’t sold out.
  • The bathrooms are covered in band stickers and tend to be small and overcrowded – with the mayhem taking place in the bathroom there is a women or man (depending on what bathroom you are in) sitting by the door offering warm cloths to dry your hands, perfume to freshen up, tooth paste, or an abundance of other items – all for a hope of a tip.
  • Parking is free and within a short distance of the venue, There is a large lot for all of Downtown Disney so depending on the night and attractions some nights are more difficult to park then others.
  • No smoking is allowed inside the venue.
  • Bouncers are placed strategically around the venue and are extremely quick to break up any fights and very helpful in helping people escape the crowds and mosh pits – generally very friendly people.

Bottom Line: This venue will give you an up close and personal experience with some of your favorite bands.

One thought on “HOB – Orlando Review”

  1. I saw Cinderella there recently, and agree with all of what you said. I would mention that the sound on the first floor to the sides of the stages is not nearly as good as the sound on the Main Floor or on the balcony.

    One tip – bring cash and use the mobile beer coolers to save time at the bars. Cans of beer were $5, tall boys were $9.25.

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