New Def Leppard Video

New Def Leppard Video – “We Belong”

new def leppardWe’ll keep this one short and sweet.  Def Leppard continues to put out new rock ‘n roll that matters.  Their newer music is comfortably reminiscent, but with a fresh feel.  They are buoyed by the fact that in this their fourth decade of rock, they are still touring and playing with virtually the original lineup.

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Sonitus Kleptocracy Interview and Album Stream

Sonitus Kleptocracy Interview

Sonitus kleptocracy InterviewNorth East London rockers Sonitus have just released their compelling new EP Kleptocracy. The seven song offering reveals the depth and diversity of the band. Their music is impossible to classify in a neat little bucket, but it’s good stuff and interesting as hell. Listen to the album stream below, but first learn how the band themselves classify their sound, and gain some more insight into the new release.

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Tilted Axes Album Review: Music for Mobile Electric Guitars

Tilted Axes Album Review


Unfortunately society tends to poke fun at things that are experimental. We keep the creativity of Sonic Youth underground, and put Kanye West on a pedestal. We shove King Crimson in the corners of our couch cushions and laud Lady Gaga for wearing meat…. Which is still pretty sweet though…. But King Crimson is soooo fucking good…..

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Anyone’s Guess CD Release Show Photos

Anyone’s Guess CD Release Show Photos from Venue 578

Anyone’s Guess held a festive CD release show in Orlando over the weekend and invited a few of Orlando’s best Alternative rock bands to join them on stage for the big event.  We were able to catch a handful of cool photos from each band, as well as a few crowd shots.

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A Conversation with Nick Valensi of The Strokes and CRX

Nick Valensi Interview

Nick Valensi InterviewSan Francisco’s B-Sides On Air was recently afforded the opportunity to sit down with the accomplished, charismatic, and high-energy guitarist for The Strokes, and front man of his new project CRX, Nick Valensi.

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Blue & Lonesome Review

The Rolling Stones – Blue & Lonesome Review

Blue & Lonesome ReviewThe Rolling Stones have gone back to their roots, their deep bluesy roots.

When the Stones broke through more than five decades ago, they were a bluesy outfit inspired by legendary bluesmen.  They were fond of playing early hits from Willie Dixon, Jimmy Reed and Howlin’ Wolf, and actually featured covers from those artists on their debut album, The Rolling Stones.

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Fear City Album Review

Fear City Album Review – Surf Rock from NYC

Fear City Album ReviewEarlier this month, fans of guitar rock were gifted with a new instrumental album from New York City surf rock trio Fear City. The music on their new album is timeless and comfortable, yet distinctive and urgent. It’s like a journey into a world where Huntington Beach borders early 70’s Times Square.

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Brett Newski Album Review

Brett Newski Album Review – Land Air Sea Garage

Brett Newski Album Review“Not all who wander are lost” reads the tire cover on the jeep in front of me that’s as red as the light we’re stuck at.  To me it seems a superfluous statement but to others it could be a revelation.  Some people find discontentment and stagnation when they stay in the same place for too long, like every idle minute is a wasted minute.  There is simply too much beyond the driveway to risk missing.  I took this assignment after reading the brief description because it immediately felt relatable despite not hearing a single note.

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